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Feet, Pasterns and Hocks

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When you groom the feet you start with the nails. When the nails are short it is easier to trim the hair on the foot.

Brush up the hair on the front feet and rear feet.

Hold the front foot and use your thinning shears to trim off the long hair on the top of the foot. The longer hair comes out from between the toes but do not go between the toes with your thinning scissors. Just take it off the top of the foot.

Trim the long hair on the top of the foot.

The rear foot gets the same trim. It may be easier to do the rear with the foot on the table.

Now that the long hair is trimmed from the top, go around the out side and trim off the long shaggy hair to shape each foot.

The front pastern needs to be trimmed up to the pad above the pastern. You can see the pad on this dogs foot in the photo up by the tip of the scissors. Use your straight shears for this.

Trimming the hock.

To trim the hock hold the rear leg out behind the dog. If your dog is older and has a hard time with this position put the rear leg at the edge of the table and cut up. Brush the hair up and use your straight shears.

Hold the leg so your dog is comfortable.

Using a small stylist shear trim the hair on the bottom of the foot.

Take out the hair the lays over the pads.

Also clean out some between the pads.

Neatly trimmed feet.

A dog with neatly trimmed feet will bring less dirt in the house and has better traction on slippery floors.

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